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Maine Art Sign by Moosehead Rustic Art

Moosehead Rustic Art is the Gallery Site for the talented and creative natural artist Betsy Rockwell.   Betsy grew up on the coast of Maine with a family that enjoyed spending time outdoors together, picking blue berries on Great Pond Mt in Orland, camping up to Baxter State Park, sailing on Penobscot Bay and Skiing at Bald Mountain in Dedham or Ski Horse Mountains in Dixmont.

We always made sure our yard was well maintained and pruned to perfection. Betsy was clearly brought up with the best traditions of Maine.

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Betsy And Her Mom

Betsy’s mother is a water color artist, who clearly had a large influence on how she sees and appreciates the subtle beauty of nature that is often reflected in the art of Maine.  Betsy’s mother would often take her on garden tours all over Maine, exposing Betsy to settings that evoked many different emotions.  Betsy’s favorite gardens were the Astacuo Gardens in Northeast Harbor a Maine Art Treasure.  This lifelong interest in natural gardens has allowed  Betsy to develop a wonderful eye for color, balance and proportion, whether she is arranging flowers or decorating a house.

Today Betsy Rockwell lives in the town of Greenville, Maine, on the beautiful shores of Moosehead Lake.  Betsy is married to a self proclaimed ski nut, Rocky Rockwell and together they have raised a family of four kids who they have taught to love the sport of skiing and a love of nature.  They also have a beautiful granddaughter who is just learning how to ski.  Betsy has clearly inherited her mother’s artistic ability of seeing the world through the eye of an artist. Just like the Bud Levit song says, “I love to go a wandering in the woods, looking for that special piece of wood with just the right bend for my next project.”

Betsy uses these special pieces of wood to create artistic creations of Maine Art that would help decorate and add a unique feel in any home or garden, anywhere!

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Betsy Skiing With Family

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